@FelixxMusic Drops Hot New Track, "THOT"

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Felixx releases hot new single


After the release of Felixx's latest EP "Playlist" March of 2017, fans from all over have been waiting patiently for some new heat, and with the release of his new single 'THOT' on SoundCloud and YouTube, the wait is finally over!

A classically trained singer with influential energy from Mozart, Calvin Richardson, Prince, and Anthony Hamilton with a hybrid between smooth R&B and todays trap sounds. Felixx has opened for artists such as Babyface, Jagged Edge, CeeLo Green, Monica, Sheila E, and more.

Felixx's talent has also received the attention of various A&Rs and labels, as well as, scouts on American Idol, America's Got Talent, and The Voice just to name a few. Staying dedicated to sharpening his skills as an all-around performer, Felixx has spent the past year finding and perfecting his sound, all leading up to his hit new single 'THOT'.

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Check out 'THOT' and let us know what you think!



INTERVIEW: @WhoisOyabun's Newly Released EP "NVRLND"


GMA: Hey, it’s Georgia Doll with and I have the pleasure of interviewing recording artist Oyabun. So, Oyabun, you were born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Have you always lived in Brooklyn?

OYABUN: I was living in Miami for like 5 years and just relocated in January back to Brooklyn. I got accepted into school down in Miami and there was also Hurricane Sandy in Brooklyn and our house was destroyed. I moved and not too long after my parents moved down to Miami as well.


GMA: What was the creative process behind of “Castle on The Hill?”

OYABUN: The song was initially produced by 6Twelve, who is like my main producer. [Usually, production that I have is between 4 different people] The vibe of the beat was kind of like the beginning of the song was. It was written kind of like a prayer, and then I got into kind of like wanting to switch up the mood with a tempo change. You hear the song’s tempo speed up. We took the song from that point and give people a whole new song.


GMA: I like “Cobain” as well. Talk a little about the make of that song as well.

OYABUN: “Cobain” was from a different project I was working on, but we ended up going in a different direction after I cut the "Castle on The Hill" record, but we didn’t want to not use the song. We made it the single; it’s just one of my favorite songs. I feel like the song was able to show people who OYABUN really was.

When I was in Vegas a couple months back [I hate Vegas, by the way], I stayed in my hotel room for three days watching music documentaries because I’m not into gambling and whatnot. I saw this one documentary on Kurt Cobain. I was able to capture this rock star feel.


GMA: "Cobain" just premiered on BET JAMZ in mid-June. How was that experience when you saw it on your own TV Screen?

OYABUN: It was honestly amazing. You know, you do something for a long time and you have these end goals. It was just dope because I feel like every artist wants to be on TV and reach these goals. It’s still surreal to me; I honestly still haven’t even really, fully digested it, actually. My whole team and family was able to be a part of it, which was also dope. We all were able to see that “Damn, this can really happen!” My mom sent me like 40 screenshots of the video and it was just a great moment for me.



GMA: What’s your newest project all about?

OYABUN: I just released my newest Extended Project [EP] titled “NVRLND.” The reason why I dropped it yesterday is because it’s so symbolic with the Solar Eclipse and the perfect time. My last project was titled “Mercury Retrograde”, so that was the vibe we were trying to go for. This project is also a art of the series of EPs I’m putting out.


GMA: Reflect on your music and its’ transition and progression: Then vs. Now.

OYABUN: When I would write songs initially, it was more poem-based and spoken word, more like the traditional “Boom-Bap” style. I felt like the music was more routine.

Now, I’ve lived life more, so I have a bigger aspect on my music. It’s not just from Brooklyn, it’s based off my transitions in life and where I’ve been.


GMA: So, you mentioned you’ve traveled a lot and it’s helped you make more music. Where else have you traveled?

OYABUN: Fortunately, my parents always wanted me to see different places and environments. We would go to Jamaica, where my pops is from and The Dominican Republic. Just to see different places and what’s out there. So, when I got older and I was presented an opportunity, I would take it and travel.  You get a chance to connect with so many different people.


GMA: Talk a little about your experience in Utah for four days, shooting the “Cobain” music video.

OYABUN: The visual we shot encompassed both songs. The videos are going to be released separately. Essentially, it was just amazing because the “NVRLND” project – The sound of it takes you to another world. I feel like Urban city environments give off a different vibe. So, we went to Utah to bend reality. It looks like we went to four different countries all in one. There was a desert and I’ve never experienced that. It was just different. I did it to create visuals for my art.


GMA: What’s next for your music and artistry?

OYABUN: I want to begin doing as many shows as I can. Even in other cities. I would like to open up for a headlining act and going on the road and riding out with them through a couple cities. This project is a gate opening of a race that I don’t feel that I’ll stop running anytime soon. I just want to keep pushing forward.


GMA: What else can we expect from the producers you work with or artist collaborations?

OYABUN: If I come into contact with someone I feel like we should collab, it has to happen organically. I would prefer it that way. My productions are really what I consider a collab. Multiple producers adding to the song and it feels like a band almost.


GMA: What music do you listen to that inspires and motivates your creativity?

OYABUN: It ranges. A lot of music that I’ve been gravitating towards as of lately is also blended genres. I listen to Old Kanye West, Cudi, The Weeknd’s album, things that are unconventional. These artists are changing what “Pop” is and changing the status quo. I also listen to rap, but I don’t want it to influence my music and voice subconsciously. I spend more time listening to alternative music.


GMA: I applaud you as an artist! How can people connect with you on social media and hear your music?

OYABUN: My social media is @whoisoyabun. My Souncloud is – Website:, and I’m on all streaming platforms as “Oyabun”



Ervin Mitchell Releases New Feel-Good Track "Peace Sign Emoji"

Memphis, native now putting on for the city of ATL, Ervin Mitchell, shares his highly anticipated single, "Peace Sign Emoji."

Since being in Atlanta, the hip-hop creative has generated a considerable fan base by doing shows with OG Maco, performing on festival stages at SXSW, Tech Groove ATL, The Masquerade and Center Stage in Atlanta.

After gaining over a million streams on Spotify, Ervin Mitchell, has proven to be a force to reckon with.

Check out Ervin Mitchell's latest single, "Peace Sign Emoji" below and more from him on SoundCloud.



Check out more of Ervin Mitchell's music below.



@LegacytheGreat Drops Hot New Track "Ratchet Walk"

Kentucky's own rising hype, Legacy The Great, shares his most recent track, "Ratchet Walk."

The multifaceted writer and emcee creates the ultimate club banger with his new single, "Ratchet Walk." Already reaching over a million plays on SoundCloud, there's no doubting that Legacy The Great will continue to make notable moves in the hip-hop game and make a legacy in his own right.

Legacy The Great plans to drop a new project, August 1st, so be on the look out!

In the meantime, check out the hit single below and make sure to listen to more new music from Legacy The Great on SoundCloud

"Ratchet Walk" on Soundcloud

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283's Vlog Series: Episode 3

Blogged by: Georgia Doll

They say third time's a charm! 283's Vlog series just gets better and better. In "283Vlog Episode 3," 283 throws a listening party hosted by Tampa Mystic. The listening party receives a huge turnout and lots of dope music is played, mainly the highly-anticipated EP: "We're Brothers", hosted by DJ Flux.

DJ Flux and DJ Hotrod both hosted release parties in both Atlanta and Savannah, GA for 283. The 283 duo & fellow teammate DJ Master Toby also show clips traveling to Austin, TX to perform on stages for The Annual SXSW Festival. Shortly after, they make it back to their hometown Savannah to team up with Ayo & Teo for a city-wide concert courtesy of E93 Radio, 9Twelve Studios, and Lit Lifestyle Podcast!

The next vlog will be even bigger, so stay tuned. "Twonami" is also on the way.

Connect with the brothers:

Instagram & Twitter: @modthebear // @2ate3dee

Soundcloud || Spinrilla || Youtube



#Video: Lil Bibby x Tink - "Gotta Have Some More"

Blogged by: Georgia Doll

Lil Bibby and Tink recently teamed together to release a quite steamy track and hold absolutely nothing back. Lil Bibby sets the record off with a rather detailed explanation of his feelings of his boo thing, whoever she may be.

"Say girl, you fine. I'm trying to make you mine. I ain't trying to waste no time. Hop in my ride. Got a whip parked outside. Got a condo we can go slide. I got pride, but I put that to the side," Bibby rhymes.

"Shawty so bad, I just want you to stay. I'm working on a tape, I'll fly you to the A. Know I need that when I'm in another state. Man, that shit a tease lookin' at yo face. I miss yo smell, I miss yo taste."

Now, just know that Tink doesn't owe us ANYTHING for her verse. It is safe to say that Tink's lyrics are easily the most recited and used for social media captions and snapchat lip sync sing alongs (in my opinion, of course)

"Four car garages, I put you in charge. And you love how I listen, Micheal and Pippin. Touchin' and kissin'. I bone at you, tell me you rolling. That's when I show up and do work. Scratchin' ya body, you know that you got me. We fuck til I tell you it hurts."

This fiery and oh-so tempting song is a sample of Pretty Ricky's "Love Like Honey" which reminds me I was way too young to be listening to the guy group, but also makes me appreciate real R&B where real feelings were expressed.

Check out the video below.


DMV's Very Own @JahLike301 + @daddy_dontplay Release New Heat "No Chasin"


DMV's Very Own @JahLike301 + @daddy_dontplay Release New Heat "No Chasin"

Blogged by: Georgia Doll

Rapper JahLike, by way of The DMV featuring artist Deemo, recently released single “No Chasin.” "No Chasin" is the follow up record to the debut single “Mental (break),” which gained much recognition within 2 months of its release. This summer anthem  [No Chasin'] has caught the attention of the streets and JahLike and his rap trio "The Thr33", which comprises of JahLike, Deemo, and Producer Nabu, aren't letting up anytime soon.

As “No Chasin” has already reached 30K+ streams in just one month, make sure you support the DMV recording artist by clicking here to stream on: iTunesSpotify, and Soundcloud.  

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@RealErvMitchell Surpasses 1 Million Streams on Spotify

Blogged by: Georgia Doll

Recording artist Ervin Mitchell has managed to continue to raise the bar as an independent artist by way of Memphis, Tennessee with his undeniable talent and genuity. Recently, rapper Ervin Mitchell reached 1 Million streams on his single "Stay" . To celebrate the milestone, Ervin performed his latest song "Ren and Stimpy" at Morehouse College's TechGroove concert with businesses and Fortune 500 Companies such as LinkedIn, Breaux Capital, Outco Inc, Tinder, and more present.

Congratulations Ervin and cheers to millions and millions more!


Connect with Ervin Mitchell:

Twitter: @realervmitchell | Instagram: @ervinmitchell

Spotify | Soundcloud

Listen to "Ren and Stimpy" Below



#Visual @MFKDeerock's Latest Video, "The Message"

Blogged by: Georgia Doll // @ga_doll

St. Louis, Missouri native Deerock drops off a new visual titled "The Message" as he speaks on music, hustle, and life in St. Louis. Pay attention to the words in his message - View the full length video below.

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"The Quad"


"The Quad"

The Quad premiered January 2017, Starring Anika Noni Rose and Georgia's A&M Universitie's New and first Woman President. The Quad comes on every Wednesday 10p/9c.  



#Video Check out @ajaye_t's Latest Visual "City Lights"

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 12.55.55 AM.png

Blogged by: Georgia Doll // @ga_doll

The highly anticipated visual from Savannah Georgia's recording artist Ajaye has now been released which features CEC. The visual was shot and directed by 283Freddy and the song definitely showcases a laid back feel with a twist of grown and sexy. 

City Lights is definitely a song I can listen to anytime of the day. From the beat to the words, I enjoyed every part of this song. This collaboration was dope and both Ajaye and CEC made an anthem out of this song, showing love to their city, Savannah, Georgia. Ajaye reflects on his daily life, making money, and of course shows love to Middle ground [Southside]. 

Ajaye: @ajaye_t (IG & Twitter) || CEC: @clubcec (IG) x @2ClubCec (Twitter) 

To read my full music review of the entire #FlavorsEP, click here



#Blog #NewMusic: @rjbellaterra's "Give Me The Word" ft. @MackStyles_

Blogged by: Georgia Doll // @ga_doll

"It's a hit" is the first thing I told RjBellaTerra when he granted me the honor of hearing a sneak peak of "Give Me The Word" before it was released. This track is smooth and to the point.

Check the song out which has $outhside's very own Mack $tyles featured on it.

"Give me the word. You know you reap what you sew - Clean up your act; Some people do it for the show."


RjBellaTerra: Twitter - @rjbellaterra // Instagram - @rjbellaterra_

Mack $tyles: Twitter - @MackStyles_ // Instagram - @fanclub_mack



Gucci Mane Announces Launch of New Label '1017 Eskimo Records' and Signs Ralo to a Million Dollar Deal

Blogged by: Georgia Doll // IG: @ga_doll

Sunday [February 12th] was indeed a great day for hip-hop. For beginners, we celebrated Gucci Mane and Atlanta recording artist Ralo's birthday. Ralo also had an exclusive signing party and mixtape listening party for "FamericanGangster2" in Atlanta to celebrate the big news as well as his birthday.

Gucci Mane also announced on Instagram the launch of his new label with caption: "@RaloFamGoon my first artist signed to my new label 1017Eskimo Records'"

With collaborations with Future, Migos, Lil Uzi and many more artists, Ralo is sure to bring nothing but heat as he has already been doing.

Congrats to Gucci Mane on his new label endeavors and his first signee Ralo.

Check out Ralo's newly released mixtape: Famarerican Gangster 2



Lady Gaga's Subtle Halftime Performance at #SuperBowl51

Blogged by: Jaya Paci // Twitter and Instagram: @JayaTheSensei

Lady Gaga's glittery halftime performance is one for the books in performance history. Gaga started off her performance singing "God Bless America" on top of the NRG stadium, then immediately jumping off with bungee cords descending her to the field. She then continued with her hit song "Poker Face". Gaga subtlety did an act of inclusiveness towards the LGBTQ community with singing her song "Born this Way" singing the lyrics: 

"No matter gay, straight, or bi
Lesbian, transgendered life
I'm on the right track baby
I was born to survive
No matter black, white or beige
Chola or orient made
I'm on the right track baby
I was born to be brave"

Lady Gaga is a known advocate for the LGBTQ community especially with fighting for gay, and transgender rights. Gaga also sang hit songs such as: Telephone, Bad Romance, and Million Reasons. Captivating her audience with lights, fire, and more glitter.

Great performance Lady Gaga!




Super Bowl LI: The Falcons Demise - Greatest #SuperBowl Comeback ever

Blogged by: Jaya Paci // Twitter and Instagram: @JayaTheSensei

Super Bowl LI (51) happened last night in Houston, Texas in the NRG stadium. The New England Patriots took on the Atlanta Falcons in a nail biting game. The Falcons had the lead in the first half of the game scoring 0 points in the first quarter, but 21 points in the second. The Patriots trailed behind scoring only 3 points within the first half of the game.

After the halftime show, The Patriots came back better than ever scoring 6 points in the third quarter and 19 in the fourth. Thus tying the game up 28-28 leading the game into overtime; the first in Super Bowl history. Tom Brady concluded the game with 466 passing yards and 2 touchdowns and Matt Ryan with 284 passing yards 2 touchdowns. 

The game ended in a score of 34-28 with The Patriots taking the W! Huge congratulations to The New England Patriots on becoming 2017's Super Bowl Champions.



#TheArtistShowcase Atlanta Recap - Blogged by @__Indulgence

Blogged by: KingBlueee

Founder and CEO of Georgia Media Agency, Georgia Doll, has done it again with another successful Artist Showcase. This was her 4th showcase in Atlanta but 6th showcase in Georgia and as always, it was a hit! This show was at Bakari's Lounge Hosted by WhoIsTwon with music by EJ the DJ and featured talented artists like CEC, MIC-Audio, 283, That Boy Ren, Da Rookiez, PL Britt, Bruiser Bambino, and many many more! Each performer brought nothing less than excitement to the stage and had the crowd hype from beginning to end. If you missed it, you definitely missed out on a great show!

This 21 year old mogul has taken Atlanta by storm while still managing to be an involved graduating senior at the astounding Clark Atlanta University with multiple honors, executive board positions as she also gives back to her hometown Savannah, Georgia. Georgia Doll works with multiple clients including DJ Problem Child, Floyd Adams, Dre Will, and Frost Breezy along with celebrities such as: BoB, Kash Doll, Sonny Digital, and the list goes on. What else will she have in store for us in the future? In the meantime, catch the next Artist Showcase which is scheduled for Thursday, February 23rd in Atlanta, GA followed by a showcase in Savannah, GA the following day at The Farmer's Market on Friday, February 24th - Issa shame to not attend.

Pictured above: Georgia Doll, The Mogul - Founder and CEO of Georgia Media Agency //



#Blog: @Steeley_2Legit's Latest Single "I Don't Get Pressed"

Blogged by: Georgia Doll

Recording artist Steeley 2Legit, by way of Savannah, Georgia, releases his latest single, "I Don't Get Pressed" which can be found on MyMixtapez and Soundcloud. Steeley definitely sets the tone for the new year with this banger where he sets the record straight in his music and his overall grind. "I don't get pressed, nxgga, and I ain't impressed nxgga. You bout that shxt, well homie say less nxgga." This explains his stance and mindset on various situations. This track also touches basis on receiving love, hate, killings, and real life issues such as police brutality.

The beat on this track starts out slow to give the impression that it'll be a smooth track, but after a few seconds, the beat catches up to you as well as Steeley's lyrics. You can definitely tell the devotion and hard work Steeley has been putting in by the lines in his music, "I lost a lot gettin' here. It ain't do nothing but make me colder, it made me bolder, it made me stronger. I ain't lettin' nobody stop what I'm doing." He speaks on the tunnel vision focus he has gained and how you can't look out for everybody which is a lesson learned.

Stay connected with Steeley by following him on social media:

Instagram + Twitter: @Steeley_2Legit

"I Don't Get Pressed" - Steeley 2Legit



Exclusive Interview with Atlanta Artist, Omeretta

Blogged by: Georgia Doll

The Check In Radio Show, powered by @wsturadiostation, recently sat down for an exclusive online radio interview with Atlanta’s Rap Princess, Omeretta. The twenty-year old MC spoke about her music, creative process, and her huge fan base she's worked hard to gain over the last couple of years.

When asked why her stage name is "Omeretta" she responded by saying it was given to her by an uncle of hers who she visited while in jail. He told her she’s a great and her name simply stands alone and she said it fit her perfectly.

Omeretta has been creating music and perfecting her craft and has a recent collaboration with Kiara Faye, formerly known as Songbird Kiara, who is from the city of Savannah, Georgia. "She's so talented and hard-working," says Omeretta "I would send her my verse and she'd send me what she had and I just love working with her." Their song is "On My Way" which features verses by Omeretta on Kiara Faye's latest song.

The subject of favorite artists came up and Omeretta explained how much she's inspired by Lucci as an artist. It is safe to say she is Lucci's number one fan and supporter. Our 2017 goal is to definitely have the two finally meet and maybe even hear a song from the two. 

We also got to know the personal side of Omeretta. Since we're in Atlanta, we had to ask what her favorite flavor at American Deli was. As we suspected: "hot wings with lemon pepper sprinkles", which is a true Atlanta classic!

Her true sense of style and fashion was also something we got to know more about. Omeretta says when she goes shopping, she never goes looking for anything in particular. "I usually don't have a set vision of what I want to buy; I just go in and find stuff that looks good." Omeretta is sure to catch your attention from her fashion sense, to her distinct accent and sound, to her personable spirit and personality.

Make sure you check out her social media platforms and listen to one of her latest songs, "Within."

Social Media Handles

Twitter: @Omeretta4L | Instagram: @Omeretta | Soundcloud | Snapchat: amariaimani



#TreySongz Latest Holiday Hit, "Comin' Home" Keeps Getting Bigger

Blogged by: Georgia Doll

Trey Songz does it again with a melodic Christmas classic, "Comin' Home" made just in time for Christmas. The track has great production and it gives that exciting "traveling back home for the holidays" feeling. In the song, he speaks about a mystery woman in his life who he's yearning to see soon for the holidays. He explains lyrically how he'll be nothing without her and how he's coming home to the one he loves. "As soon as I walk through the door, baby all that I want is to see you with nothing but a ribbon on." I definitely see myself jamming this record year-round.

Check the song out for yourself and let us know what you think about Trey's latest Christmas track, made especially for the ladies.

Check out this track which is available everywhere!