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The Check In Radio Show, powered by @wsturadiostation, recently sat down for an exclusive online radio interview with Atlanta’s Rap Princess, Omeretta. The twenty-year old MC spoke about her music, creative process, and her huge fan base she's worked hard to gain over the last couple of years.

When asked why her stage name is "Omeretta" she responded by saying it was given to her by an uncle of hers who she visited while in jail. He told her she’s a great and her name simply stands alone and she said it fit her perfectly.

Omeretta has been creating music and perfecting her craft and has a recent collaboration with Kiara Faye, formerly known as Songbird Kiara, who is from the city of Savannah, Georgia. "She's so talented and hard-working," says Omeretta "I would send her my verse and she'd send me what she had and I just love working with her." Their song is "On My Way" which features verses by Omeretta on Kiara Faye's latest song.

The subject of favorite artists came up and Omeretta explained how much she's inspired by Lucci as an artist. It is safe to say she is Lucci's number one fan and supporter. Our 2017 goal is to definitely have the two finally meet and maybe even hear a song from the two. 

We also got to know the personal side of Omeretta. Since we're in Atlanta, we had to ask what her favorite flavor at American Deli was. As we suspected: "hot wings with lemon pepper sprinkles", which is a true Atlanta classic!

Her true sense of style and fashion was also something we got to know more about. Omeretta says when she goes shopping, she never goes looking for anything in particular. "I usually don't have a set vision of what I want to buy; I just go in and find stuff that looks good." Omeretta is sure to catch your attention from her fashion sense, to her distinct accent and sound, to her personable spirit and personality.

Make sure you check out her social media platforms and listen to one of her latest songs, "Within."

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