Blogger: Georgia Doll

This past Saturday morning, March 19th, The One Love Organization in partnership with CAU Living Complex, Georgia Media Agency, WSTU Radio, and Helping Hands in Heritage Commons Clubhouse. There were nearly 40 students who came out to volunteer their help and come together for a great cause. We were able to feed over 100 homeless people in the city of Atlanta, GA. This event was a humbling moment for me to say the least. When Georgia Media Agency decided to become the executive event coordinator and organizer, we did not realize how much of an impact our monthly community service initiatives would have been.

Many homeless people tell us how much they appreciate a simple plate of food and bottle of water and how it is much more than just the food, but the devotion, dedication, and thought behind what we do for those who are less fortunate. On behalf of every organization that partnered with The One Love Organization, we are truly grateful for all of the donations, support, and hard work. To all of the volunteers who dedicate their Saturday mornings to help out, your devotion is noticed and we are forever thankful for all of the help we receive from you all.