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On Thursday evening rapper Young Lyxx blessed the radio station of WSTU Radio and had an exclusive interview with Georgia Doll and SydniC on The Check In Radio Show. Rapper Young Lyxx is a native of San Diego, CA who has lived in Atlanta, GA and has currently relocated to Los Angeles,CA. “San Diego Player” is also what he goes by which clearly shows you his love and passion for the city that made him what he is today. He attended Clark Atlanta University, so the love in the building was nothing but good vibes. “The school’s motto ‘I’ll Find a Way or Make One’ is really what I go by in life.”  Lyxx spoke about his creative direction within his music and how it's always good to just live life in order to deliver a message in his music: “I haven’t had writer’s block in years; I’m just kind of in my zone. Whenever I get to a place where I can't really focus on creating, its because I have to just live a little bit and experience life then get back in it.” 

Lyxx has a new project dropping in April, titled “G$lmp D$trct” [Gas Lamp District] which is picking up a big buzz. This project is hosted by DJ MLK, which
features the singles Daygo, Been About It, and ATLA. He recently performed much of his new work at SXSW in Austin, TX last week and he said the energy and love is always dope. “I’ve been to SXSW about four times now and this year I performed on about 6 different stages. The first performance was really live; The energy was crazy”. When the subject of favorite artists that he’s worked with came up, Lyxx says his favorite artist that he has collabed with thus far is Trinidad James because there is an actual friendship out of the rap scene. “We met in 2009 and I used to buy his snap backs way before the music. That’s my brother.” It is clear to see that Young Lyxx has stamped his name and is making it known that he is playing for keeps. His music typically gives a feel good vibe with the mixture of his Cali folkways and sound with the addition of the down south, Atlanta turn up beat and vibe. 

When asked about how he keeps steady relationships with people and continues to network, Lyxx answered with one simple answer: “Communication.Lyxx explained that in order to keep things professional and organized, there has to be a strong line of communication between him and who he is working with. Young Lyxx is very a humble guy who seizes every opportunity that is presented to him. Another gem that he gave us in the studio was having a close knit circle is always the best route to go when it comes to handling your business. He entered the station with his manager, Andre, and his long time friend and rapper, Chief. That was it. No groupies in the room, no friends who were bragging about being in the station with him; just two of his friends who are also his business partners. This shows that he is focused on his come up and that the people in his life also play a very important role in meeting that goal. Congratulations to Young Lyxx on all of his success and know that he’s only getting started!

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