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Clay "Claydoe" Hodges has deservingly earned his title as The Voice of Savannah. Hailing from the great city of Savannah, GA, Claydoe has a talent and gift of bringing people together with his music. Growing up, Claydoe found a liking for music as he watched his mother play the piano at various churches. Church has also played a heavy role in the passion Claydoe has for music and why his rhymes have a positive and conscious vibe. His music captures your attention with the truth and creativity of his wordplay, message, and delivery. Claydoe is definitely in a league of his own.

On Saturday, March 26th, Claydoe had a great turn out at his mixtape release concert for mixtape Live From The Matrix which was held at 1308 West Montgomery Street in Savannah, GA. As I walked in, I was greeted by his father who was very nice and welcoming. There was a host of DJs who came out to spin for Claydoe such as Zellysweat, DJ Halftyme, DJ Pro2Kall, and DJ Keesh. There was also a line up artists from Savannah and surrounding areas that performed, and let’s not forget the spread of food Claydoe had at the event! Nothing short of amazing is how I will sum up the concert. It is obvious that Claydoe put his time and effort into planning the event and it was an incredible event. If you’re from Savannah, GA, you know we don’t have as many positive events as we should, so this one was definitely worth traveling to like I did. 

Opening performances by Eric Riley, Smooth, Ajaye, Re2se, and many, many more graced the stage and put on phenomenal performances. All of the artists had great stage presence and the crowd was very responsive. One performance in particular that was an eye opener was Reverend Carl Gilliard, who happens to be my uncle. The crowd was in shock when they saw this pastor in a suit at a concert, on stage, rapping about progression, life, and change. This goes to show you that Claydoe has leaders and positive people in his circle. The event highlighted the creativity within the city and it is rightfully receiving all of the recognition it deserves. 

Congratulations to Claydoe on all of the success he has made thus far and he has a lot more in store for us. In the exclusive interview, Claydoe announced that his next project will be an album, but in the meantime make sure you check out his newly released mixtape, Live From The Matrix.

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