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Quanna MC, a Savannah, GA native, is an artist who is such a self-motivated boss when it comes to her career as a woman MC. As she currently lives in New York, she explained to Georgia Doll in their one-on-one interview that moving to New York after graduating from Clark Atlanta University (which is the institution I currently attend), was something she and her friend decided to do in order to really begin their careers in the music industry: "We were both in school and working at Red Lobster, just saving up to go to New York after graduation." Quanna embodies that "go get it" attitude which she says is exactly what got her so far so fast while living in New York. 

One of her latest projects, "Queenie" comes from the great Queenie who Quanna has been inspired by and says that she is always uplifting and educating someone about Queenie who was a strong woman, a fighter, a legend, someone who was care free and never took no for an answer. Quanna's message in her music is geared towards the women and men who believe in themselves, especially the African American community. One song in particular, "Care Free Black Girl" is an upbeat tune that paints a picture of a girl finding her way and doing her own thing, carelessly. 

Quanna MC was chosen as Georgia Media Agency's #1 pick out of 1-5 Top Indie Artists on Georgia Media's Twitter page (@1georgiamedia). She was chosen based off her lyrical content, the delivery, the upbeat tracks, and how interactive and supportive her fans and audience is. This MC has made a name for herself in various arenas and continues to do so. Quanna MC is so deserving of the number one spot and from Georgia Media we are so proud of you!

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