Blogger: QueenReginee

Mr. Andre Carter, an award winning author and gracious husband of Towanda Braxton who is a star of WE TV's Braxton Family Values stopped by the WSTU Radio Station with Georgia Media and The Check In Radio Show with Georgia Doll and Queen Reginee. If you don't know who Andre Carter is, you definitely will by the end of this write up. On Saturday, April 16th, Andre's exclusive interview hit on the key point of knowing who Andre Carter really is.

Carter is a Long IslandNY native who moved to Atlanta, Ga when he was too young to remember. He lives his life as a published author and speaker and has been awarded with a bronze medal for the 2015 Independent Published Book Awards. 

When the interview with Georgia Media began, Andre was excited to announce all of his great work and books he has written. The title of his website, www.iknowandre.comwas a big question from The Check In Radio Show. “It is 'I know Andre' because after speaking at an event or after a reader reads my book, I want people to know who the real Andre Carter is.” Yes, he has been on multiple reality TV shows, but he has decided to give up that life to pursue his dreams of being a writer and taking care of his children. “Reality TV can be a whole different ball game because what you see is not what you get, and it's sad because the audience does not even know who the person really is.” He states how people look at him as just a Black Man trying to live off his wife and that is not Andre Carter.  He decided to give up that part of his life on reality television, but he is happily still writing. 

Carter has successfully published over a handful of books. He started writing as a child because everyday after school, his mother would ask how his day was and he never had much to say. His mother said to him, “If you can’t tell about your day, then write it down and read it to me.” This action became a fundamental skill that he quickly fell in love with. One of his best sellers named “Fried Fish” tells a story that does not even mention actual fried fish, but it is a gender love story that will change all attitudes but you must read the story to figure out the huge plot twist. Along with this book he also has other best selling books such as: “Son”, “A Profile in Black”, and “Fix My Man”. His devotion, humility, and creativity is who Andre Carter is.