Blogger: Georgia Doll

This past weekend was The Women's Empowerment Conference, held at Clark Atlanta University. This year's theme was "The year of the G.R.O.W.N. Woman" [Godly, Resourceful, Opinationated, Worthy, and Necessary] Georgia Doll and Georgia Media was in attendance, and the Saturday luncheon was extraordinary. Many women who have businesses, non-profits, private practices, and mentoring programs were keynote speakers who touched basis on many different areas such as skin and hair care, understanding the oppression women face in the music industry especially as a female artist, how to believe in yourself as a woman, and so much more.

Georgia Media was an official vendor where many young ladies who are interested in starting a solid career with music and modeling were intrigued at how much Georgia Media offers to their clients. Many of these young ladies reminded Georgia Doll of how far she has come in just three short years of college with her business and branding herself in a positive way. Georgia Doll gave one young lady valuable pieces of advice and encouraged her to brand herself as she brands other businesses: "If you only have about 25 followers, then it is important to build your brand in order to brand any other brand. It's important to network and branch out to gain more followers and relationships in order to reach the people."

Overall, the event was phenomenal. The coordinator, Dean Hemmitt who is the Dean of Students at Clark Atlanta University, ensured that this event was well organized, positive, revitalizing, and that young women felt inspired throughout the conference. There were so many great aspects in this conference that made it so empowering. Women who had never met came together to share their stories, their trials and tribulations, and their victories, and that's what it's all about.