Blogger: Georgia Doll

Georgia Doll had the pleasure of interviewing rapper Los Denero in the studio and he gave lots of insight on his latest projects: Not Just Yet, Born Day, and Majer League Music. Los Denero is a rapper from Albany, GA and has been rapping since the age of 8 years old.  He says he received the name "Los Denero" from one of his team mates on the basketball team at Saint Petersburg University which is located in Florida. He liked the name and it soon became a brand of its own. Los Denero is an artist whose voice will catch your attention with his lyrical truth and sense of understanding of being street smart. Los has performed in many cities including Albany, Atlanta, and Savannah, GA to name a few. 

Los explained his fan base and said that Savannah, GA, my hometown, is one of the cities that shows him the most love. That meant a lot to hear that. Support goes a long way, and supporting local and genuine artists that have a meaning in their music is definitely what Los does. Los is working on a few features with artist $ugaRayDollaz which has been taking off lately. Their latest song which is receiving a lot of recognition and spins is "Fallen", produced by DGBeats. Los has a lot in store for his fans and it all can be found on

Los Denero Social Media:

Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud: @losdenero