Bloggers: Georgia Doll and Queen Reginee

VanJess is a singing duo who happens to be sisters who are known for their soulful voice. Ivana and Jessica graced Georgia Media Agency with an exclusive interview and spoke on their newest EP, "Adore" which can be purchased on iTunes now. The sisters explained the importance of working with one another and how well they work together as sisters as well as business partners.

Ivana and Jessica are two very talented sisters who have a definite future of fame. This R&B/soul duo has a great career ahead of them. VanJess started off as YouTubers who posted musical covers online for fans to hear. Because of all their admiring comments and great feedback from their fans, they figured why not make their own music. Ivana and Jessica are singers and song writers that are the next faces to bring the musical attention back to soul.

VanJess mentions how their business relationship is so strong because they are family first. “I’m not afraid of telling Ivana anything because she knows I’m sincere about what I’m saying or critiquing her on, and the same goes for if she were to have a  comment for me,” said Jessica. These sisters are sincere, business-minded, talented, and aren't holding anything back because they know their bond is so strong that nothing can tear them apart. 

Now the world can adore the singing duo Vanjess and all the these talented women have to offer.  Check out their new single, ADORE along with their clothing line SOUL only on


Instagram and Twitter: @vanjessmusic