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Performing in front of the mogul Diddy is no cake walk, but for Felixx it was a success. From Clark Atlanta University, comes legends and that is exactly what Felixx is, who is also known as FelixxMusic. He is an up-and-coming R&B artist from Monroe, Georgia, Felixx is an alumni of Clark Atlanta University

Kalel, CEO of LoudNKlear Ent. and manager of Felixx, also joined us on TheCheckInRadio Show to discuss his artist's newly released Self-Titled EP, a tour in the works, and a day in the life of Felixx the student. When QueenRegine asked what embarrassing moment was, Felixx and Kalel agreed that the embarrassing moments were to be kept in the studio but the most intimidating moment had to be when he was called up to perform in front of a huge crowd of fans, bright lights, and the mogul himself, Diddy.

Following up behind a singer that could bring back those nostalgic Lauryn Hill/Whitney Houston music feels, Felixx said on the outside he was cool as ever but on the inside...he was a little scared. Kalel explained to us, Felixx hit a backflip onto the stage and stole crowd. "A+R people left and right were lining up to find out more information about Felixx, Scooter Braun, who is Justin Bieber's manager even asked."

To hear the full interview, listen below: