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Johnell Young. A man with positive vibes and humble spirits received one of the biggest opportunities of his life. He has been casted and selected to play a major role in Tupac Shakur's Biopic, "All Eyes on Me." There is so much in store for this young man on the move as he is walking by faith and not by sight. On Thursday, April 27th, Johnell Young, who is now an alum of the astounding Clark Atlanta University [#blackexcellence] who is new to the acting scene visited WSTU Radio’s “The Checkin Radio Show” to discuss one of the greatest blessings that has greatly affected his life today. Radio personalities SydniC. and Queen Reginee both commended him on his hard work and asked him about his lifestyle as well as how he perceives his future as a young, educated black man.

Mr. Young, at the time of the interview, attended Clark Atlanta University as a graduating senior, where he studied Mass Media Arts where he also obtains many opportunities while being a popular individual with an optimistic spirit. Mr. Young was blessed to receive a role in “All Eyes on Me”, a Tupac Shakur Biopic which is being filmed in Atlanta, Ga. He plays one of Tupac’s close friends, Ray Luv, and he used his profound skills to play this role very well. However, this isn’t Mr. Young’s first time on the big screen. He also acted as an extra in Louis C.K.’sPootie Tang” film, and decided to try out acting again after making it his New Year’s Resolution.

Other than acting, Mr. Young also has a strong love for basketball, and he was fortunate to play professionally overseas. Since he grew up playing this sport, SydniC. inferred that he has always had a team behind him. She asked him if it was imperative to have a team behind him or would he prefer to perform solo. He stated, “It’s very important to have a team behind you because you can’t do everything by yourself.” This shows that Mr. Young isn’t only physically determined, but he's mentally determined as well. He is working on shifting his mentality and he states that he receives help to do so from the book “The Mental Codes” written by Dr. Michael J. Duckett. He believes that this reading has kept him away from negative vibes and prepared his mind for nothing but positive outcomes.

Johnell Young is on a road to success and is off to a great start, not only with his talent, but also with his mindset. When asked by Queen Reginee if he’d ever see himself where he is now he answered “I have but just not this fast. This was kind of fast. It was just like boom, I got hit out of nowhere.” It happened very quickly, but it is something that he enjoys and he thanks God for such a victory. “God has put me in places where I’m just meeting whoever and it is just out of my hands.” After the Tupac Shakur Biopic, this is not the last that will be seen of Mr. Young. He has already picked up various roles in movies, so remain on the lookout for more greatness. “All Eyes on Me” premieres on September 16th, 2016.

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