Blogged by: Georgia Doll

New artist, new music. Mack $tyles is new on the rapping scene and he has four new songs out that you should definitely take a listen to. Savannah, Georgia's own Mack $tyles is from the Southside [S/O to those Knights] and you know he had to pay homage to his side of town with his Southside track, produced by Taylor $upreme, featuring another talented artist from the "Pote", Young Cec. This is definitely a song you can blast before your 'turn up'. Not only does this song represent the Southside of Savannah, but Savannah, GA as a whole. Whether you're from the East, the West, the South, or anywhere in between, Mack $tyles and Young Cec showcase their love for the beautiful, historic city down by the river.

Sunday Brunch, produced by AZbeats, is a clean, smooth, laid-back song. with Jasmine Sullivan’s Let It Burn beat and ad-libs and a taste of a trap influence, this song is perfect to vibe to. Mack $tyles gives love to his side of town, the Southside, FANClub, and his brother Silas Frazier. #FreeSilas "Can’t wait to see him out that pin." This song also speaks on a woman who Mack $tyles may be interested in: "If you show me something different, then I can't front on you." If you need a good song to relax, roll up to, or just vibe out with your boo, this is definitely it.

4 My Niggaz is my personal favorite song by Mack. This track was also produced by AZbeats. '4 My Niggaz' is yet another smooth sounding song where Mack lays down verses shouting out his, well, you know... his niggas! Which is his homeboys, friends, and those he considers as family. The track is a song you can play on repeat (Like I currently am). "I'm asking will it ever stop" is a quote he repeats in the song, referring to the killings, hurt, and pain that takes place in life. He shows more than speaking on predictable things like cars, clothes, and [garden tools], but instead he speaks on real life situations in this song; the way queens help their man keep themselves together and how people hold him down and how he holds them down as well. "This one for my niggas who just out here tryna get it." symbolizes the dedication to people's various hustles and grinds in order to be better than their yesterday.

If you are a real fan of smooth, laid back music that you can vibe out to, then check out his songs below. Don't forget to catch Mack $tyles at #TheArtistShowcase Thursday, June 9th in Atlanta, GA at Mojo's Motown Eatery - Doors open at 6:30 pm.

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