Blogger: QueenReginee

If you have never met such an adventurous and hard-working hip hop artist who has a passion for their talent, it is time for you to meet Don Vinci. Don Vinci joined Georgia Media Agency on The Check in Radio Show which is powered by WSTU Radio on Thursday, April 27th, 2016 to share how much he is going to change the game of hip hop.

Don Vinci is one young man who considers himself to be "young and getting it." This 20-year-old, New Orleans native has discovered his art six years ago and has been working hard on this creation ever since. When asked by Queen Reginee how he describes his music, he responded, “My music is raw!” Don Vinci not only writes his own lyrics, but he produces his own beats as well. He also defined his music as influential because he has a strong feeling behind conscious rappers such as Kendrick Lamar and Eminem to name a few. Don Vinci is also heavily influenced my trap music where he looks up to great artists such as Chief Keef and Lil Wayne, the Godfather. “Don’t sleep on trap music. Even though it is wild, listen, listen to what they are saying,” he explained. Trap music does not always carry nothing but a bad influence to people, especially young men like people think. Don Vinci is here to change the way people think about trap music. “I’m a good boy,” he said. He is not one of those rappers who carries around a gun and curses in his lyrics. (He seriously doesn't curse in his music) Don Vinci is a humorous guy who has potential in his craft.

One interesting fact about Don Vinci is that he loves to read. When asked by SydniC where his stage name came from, he said from the book named “Da Vinci Code” and with the concept that his friends always called him “Don”. He read this book many times, but before this book, he read many more. “We should all read to stimulate the mind,” he acknowledged. This is why he is so dedicated to the music. Behind him he has a number of supporters that include his family back home and most importantly, God. Don Vinci is highly influenced by God and he is the reason why he pushes to be the greatest he can be. He said, “Spiritual days are the good days,” and he lives everyday knowing that if nobody has him, God has him.

Don Vinci represents change. He makes it known that trap music can be conscious music that comes from a knowledgeable and peaceful person. His purpose is to change the hip hop game and his passion and work is what fulfills that purpose.

Don Vinci:

Twitter: @iamdonvinci

Instagram: supersaiyanvinci