Blogger: Astiee Carver

I chose to attend the esteemed Clark Atlanta University, one of the many noble HBCUs in the country, because I wanted to know that I wouldn’t be just another face. I wanted to be surrounded by individuals like me, who have been through some of the same things as me, and who are just as ambitious as I am. It's one thing to hear about it, but it's a whole new thing to truly experience what it is to be an HBCU student.

When you start your college career, you want to be able to find people who fit your lifestyle. Being at an HBCU, I’ve met a lot of people who I will treasure for a lifetime. There have been friends whom I’ve only known for a semester, yet who have treated me like family. If I needed something and they had it, there was no second-guessing whether or not I could ask for it.

When you choose an HBCU, you have the option to make the campus your home and have faculty and colleagues treat you like siblings or their children, not just another face. Not only have I found love within those around me, I have found love within myself. I am blossoming into a phenomenal young black woman, with the help of my prosperous environment and the discovery of self worth.

I can't imagine going through college without linking with so many inspiring black men and women. I strongly recommend every person of color to attend an HBCU. You will grow in so many, unimaginable ways. You find out not only who you were, but who you are and who you can become. There's no place in the world for an aspiring black mind like an HBCU.