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Beat Dilla, a Columbia, South Carolina native with a music background based off his upbringing, linked up with Georgia Media Agency to speak on his latest songs he has produced for well known artists such as Kevin Gates (Off The Meter), Rap legend Pastor Troy and Mark B (Heads Gone Fly), and Rick Ross and Scrilla's (Dope Boy in Versace) to name a few artists. 

Beat Dilla has been working hard to make his name as a producer, radio personality, manager, and business man a household name. He has spoken on industry panels, blogged about DIY Mixing for artists who may be new to the game, and so much more. One of the first things you notice about Dilla is his humble and genuine personality. He spoke on the industry as a whole when  "[The music business] It's a people business.. Once you learn people and how they deal, then you'llknow how to move." "It's beautiful; It's glitz and glamour, but it ain't always all that... But you've just got to know who and what has your best interest at heart."

If you're an artist or just a downright hip hop head and music lover, Beat Dilla has a weekly open mic indie showcase at The Haven in Buckhead, GA on Mondays. For more information, be sure to contact him. Beat Dilla is also working on an untitled project that comprises of singles, beats, and songs that you've heard before but probably didn't know was produced by him. "The way God is working, it may be something you never know that may pop up, so just stay tuned for what else I have coming up." 

Be sure to check out Beat Dilla's site, cop some beats [they're as low as $29.95], read his blogs, and connect with him! 

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Georgia Media Agency interview with Producer Beat Dilla