Blogged by: Stieeez

It must have been heartbreaking to have been planning on enjoying a day with family, only to have it end in the terrifying event of losing a child. On Tuesday evening, Matt and Melissa Graves were enjoying their family times at Disney World in Florida, when an alligator came and attacked their 2-year-old son, Lane Graves. It wasn't uncommon for alligators to be seen in the area, but it was rare for one to attack, especially a young child. An eye witness said the attack happened all within 30-seconds, but the father did all he could do to get his child back. The body of the child was found intact about 1:45 p.m., fairly close to where he was attacked. His body had only a few puncture wounds, as he had it been eaten, but his death was expected to be caused by drowning from being dragged into the murky waters. Authorities are currently looking for the exact alligator who attacked the child so they can properly get rid of it to insure there aren't any more attacks such as this one.

Our prayers and hearts go out to the Graves family.