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Lil Wayne is not wasting time, he’s continuing his grind as an artist.

As recently reported hip-hop artist, Lil Wayne experienced a seizure attack on his journey across the country on his private jet. Because of his refusal to take medication, he then suffered a second seizure attack but nothing stops his love for the thing that he has to do, and that's music. Days after his incident, Lil Wayne made a pleasant surprise to his fans and the whole nation by performing at Samsung's booth at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles on Wednesday, June 15th.

This event was originally supposed to be held on Tuesday, June 14th but one day of recovery was all this trending artist needed to get back to work. Speaking of work, this performance was taken place in the dedication of his new mobile app game named "Sqvad Up" and he is set to perform with 2 Chainz on Saturday, June 18th at the Sprint Center. Lil Wayne is continuing is reputation as a legendary rapper who is on his grind and is not wasting time. We are glad he is okay and in good condition. For him, it's time to get back to work, but we hope he maintains a healthy lifestyle.