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Steeley 2 Legit is a true MC in the rap game from Savannah, GA. He has been putting in nothing but hard work for years. If you don't know of this 'Savannimal', make sure you attend #TheArtistShowcase and watch him perform live. From mitxapes such as "Savannimal Vol. 1 and 2", to "2 Legit 2 Quit", and "Still Legit", you are sure to hear the truth in his rhymes and passion in his voice with his raw delivery on each song. Stay tuned for nothing but greatness from Steeley and be sure to catch him Thursday, June 9th at Georgia Media Agency's Artist Showcase at Mojo's Motown Eatery in Atlanta, GA.

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Instagran: @steeley2legit | Twitter: @Steeley_2Legit