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Recording artist Steeley 2Legit, by way of Savannah, Georgia, releases his latest single, "I Don't Get Pressed" which can be found on MyMixtapez and Soundcloud. Steeley definitely sets the tone for the new year with this banger where he sets the record straight in his music and his overall grind. "I don't get pressed, nxgga, and I ain't impressed nxgga. You bout that shxt, well homie say less nxgga." This explains his stance and mindset on various situations. This track also touches basis on receiving love, hate, killings, and real life issues such as police brutality.

The beat on this track starts out slow to give the impression that it'll be a smooth track, but after a few seconds, the beat catches up to you as well as Steeley's lyrics. You can definitely tell the devotion and hard work Steeley has been putting in by the lines in his music, "I lost a lot gettin' here. It ain't do nothing but make me colder, it made me bolder, it made me stronger. I ain't lettin' nobody stop what I'm doing." He speaks on the tunnel vision focus he has gained and how you can't look out for everybody which is a lesson learned.

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"I Don't Get Pressed" - Steeley 2Legit