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Hampton U. President Trashes ‘The Quad’ In Letter to BET: ‘We Can’t Afford This Kind of Storytelling’, but is it really storytelling? or is it the truth that no one wants to admit to? have you watched the "The Quad" the storyline sets at a financially failing school, Georgia A&M University (GAMU), as it just hires its new and FIRST Women President, Eva Fletcher. The back story is she just resigned from a school in Connecticut for having an affair with a grad student.

Being the first women president is no easy job! She first has to deal with the men of the school who in no way plan to let her tell them what to do especially the Band Director. On the first night her daughter almost got alcohol poisoning and as well as her grad student lover transferred to her new school. Its all a big scandal and a rather interesting show to watch. but does it degrade HBCU's and HBCU Life or does it shed some light on what's really going on behind close doors? you be the judge!